Shaaaring the load.. ah weay of life Absolutely top Notch – I have to say.

My Husband is not in the picture since he clicked it,
My Husband is not in the picture since he clicked it,

I smiled a self satisfied smile, I had been shortlisted for the #Washbucket challenge, with the number of wash loads I do, I was sure I would have a lot to share.”   As I was planning the blog, I picked up the ringing phone, after which the next thing I know is I am in Hyderabad, taking care of my daughter who has a challenged stomach, homesickness, exam stress all visiting at the same time.

The wash bucket remained where it was.

When the tide arrived, I was totally confused as to how I should handle it. I very hesitantly called my husband up, asking if any parcel had arrived for me.


“Have you run the wash load I asked him,” he said no, I asked him if he could run the wash load and gives me a feedback; he was silent for a while.

I was all set to backtrack,

“What exactly do you want? And what is this about?” he asked, I shared the wash bucket concept with him.

“Okay, I shall try the product and give you a feed back. I shall give you a picture of the machine and the powder but I won’t figure in it, I don’t want my picture to be plastered on the net.” Fair enough, He called me up in the evening to tell me,

  1. The load was 4kgs in weight.(we use a fully automatic 7kgs load bearing IFB washing machine.)
  2. Mixed fabric and coloured – so he had programmed it for cold wash.
  3. There was no scoop in the packet so he used  about a 1 ½ tablespoon using the kitchen measuring spoons.
  4. He did not use pre wash soaking, or the extra rinse.
  5. He did not add the fabric softener.

Actually it is already available in the store, all the same, it not very different from its previous avatar, except that clothes are softer after the wash.  ”

Of course his clothes are not very soiled, or bloodied, if it were I would rather he went to the doctor or hid the body whichever relevant than worry about wash loads.  I could suggest ketchup on the shirt before a trial, well I did not think of it.

”“I hereby take a pledge to share the household chores and not carry the burden all by myself. I on my honour I promise not to redo the bed after it is made by anyone other than me for I know nobody dies of sleeping in an unmade bed, at wrinkles and crooked bed sheets are okay. I also appreciate true friends who come to visit me, and not inspect the dust bunnies in my house.

picture courtsey internet
picture courtsey internet

As for Sheryl  Sandberg’s claim that a husband who does the laundry  … it’s romantic when we get older, and hard to believe when you’re younger, well will let you know in another 15yrs, when old age catches up.

I nominate bloggers

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  2. Sweety Shinde
  3. Kokila Gupta
  4. Rajini Puri 
  5. Vikram karve

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