Everyone has a story

Panel showing a Jain monk (probably mahaveer) in dhyana.
Panel showing a Jain monk (probably mahaveer) in dhyana.

Everyone has a story.

I love travelling in a train, there are so many interesting people we meet and everyone has a story. It as if, the unique story of each one of us blend to create whole.

When we say stories  we think of those that the media tell us, but if we do bother to listen, it is like lakshmamma, born to a very well to do family, married into an equally well to do family, when she had her third baby her husband threw out for another woman.  Her jewellery taken away from her, she eventually worked in hotels, as household help brought her children up. The two sons left home but today she lives with her daughter. The daughter is well married daughters husband has up coming business.

It could  be the Lakshmamma’s the sarasamma’s the Naryana Bhatt’s  the random stranger on the bus each has fascinating story about where they came from and how they got to be where they are.  The paths people traverse be it CEO’s be it a farmer to the homeless squatter each has travelled a journey. Sometimes the shy, quiet person at work has the most amazing life story and the biggest dreams; it is up to take the time to find out.

There are people who travel a path of wealth and privilege while others struggle with only themselves to rely on, and both have great stories to tell. Each person learns lessons, makes choices, develops an unique perspective which only they can claim and share. Even two people with similar lives will have slightly different experiences, leading them to a different point of view, so each person remains a treasure trove waiting to explore. When we take the time to ask questions and listen we find that every person has a fascinating story to tell and an utterly unique perspective from which t to tell it.

It is one of my favourite way of dealing with social situation, I will sometimes try to guess what a person’s story would be. After a while when we do have a conversation, the story is so different.  Sometimes I am humbled, sometimes I wonder if they realize what a wonderful story they have when all the complaints are sifted out.

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