2IT=> IT (Indian Talent)+IT(information technology)=India Tomorrow?


image courtsey internet
image courtesy internet

The government envisions a digital India, and e-governance is supposed to be the core of it. fine, this is because e-governance or I do not know if digital India will empower the Indian. Technology of course becomes the key to the digital india vision. Intel promises to support this because innovation would definitely drive this movement forward.

How does e-governance through technology accelerate this vision of digital India.  

angulimala image courtsey internet
angulimala image courtesy internet

To be honest when you digital india I think of angulimala, you know the digits of the palm. But definitely you are not talking about this.

To me this entire enquiry came up with the following query.

  1. What is digital India concept?
  2. How does it benefit
  3. What is the price we are paying for this?
  4. What is e-governance
  5. How is it relevant in digital India.

The concept or scope of digital India from what I understand is—

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

It is to prepare India for a knowledge future. That technology enables change, and an single umbrella program would cover lot of departments, weaving together large number of ideas and thoughts into a single comprehensive vision, such that each contributes to the larger picture.  This weaving makes the mission transformation totality.

The digital India program plans to pull together many existing schemes that would restructure and refocus and implement in a synchronized manner. The programs will be have a common branding called Digital India, to high light their transformative impact.

From what little I understand Digital India aims to transform the country to a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.  It ensures that government services to the citizens are available to citizens electronically, and the process should be complete by 2018.

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

This brings me to my second point,– how does it benefit the general public—well this is the governmental claim.

The vision talks about infrastructure as utility to every citizen—that includes high speed internet as core utility being made available to Gram-Panchayat. Cradle to grave digital identity that is unique, lifelong online and authenticable. Mobile phone and bank account would enable participation in digital and financial space at individual level. Easy access to common service centres within their locality. Shareable space on public cloud, safe and secure cyber-space in the country.

Lets look at-Governance and services on demand that the government touts, it sounds wonderful, when we are told  departments and jurisdictions are integrated to provide a single window access to people, government services would be available on mobiles and online platform on real time. All citizens  entitlement will be available above a threshold, electronic and cashless,

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

Of course it need developing areas like broadband high ways, universal access to mobile connectivity, public internet access programme, e-governance that would mean reforming government through technology, e-kranti the electronic delivery of services., creating IT jobs,

How does e-governance through technology accelerate this vision of digital India?  – I am not sure, simply because I am not a technocrat. But what occurs to me a    e-governance would require long haul is slated, like, the  ministries and departments  would have to support the infrastructure established by the government..major revamping of the existing and ongoing e-governance initiatives may have to be done,  emerging technologies like cloud or mobile should be deployed to enhance the delivery of the government services to citizens, states should be given flexibility so add-on state specific projects, relevant to the states socio-economic growth. Public private partnership maybe required.  Departments would require information officer to create, developed and implement programs faster.

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

My concerns   about the whole issue is very simple and may even sound ridiculous to the techno-savvy and technocrats..How much of this soft ware is created in India and how much is imported, so why are we paying royalty, is it really necessary considering basic literacy is an issue in many places.

When decentralizing is what we need, this subtle centralizing the entire governance.

Mobiles become mandatory, and we are not talking basic telephone variety we are talking high end ones here, again we are working for to pay someone else is that required?  I would rather see electricity transmitters and water bodies than mobile towers.

Chips that the computers and mobiles use need sand, our rivers are dying because of these sand mafia.

On line pay channels are American based, we do not have Indian ones like china does, so we are losing currency again.

he advent of Aadhar card in itself has invaded our privacy, our bank accounts, our mobile numbers are handed by government or the aadhaar agencies to various marketing firms,  digitalizing would mean absolutely no privacy.

We would be spending financial resources that can be put to better use.

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Check out http://www.intel.in/


5 responses to “2IT=> IT (Indian Talent)+IT(information technology)=India Tomorrow?”

  1. parwatisingari Avatar

    Reblogged this on Parwatisingari's Weblog and commented:

    something I wrote way back in 2015 never thought we would live the nightmare.

  2. arunique Avatar

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    Bring Back Dead 2 life, digitally
    Indias Finest Memorial Website,

  3. ashokbhatia Avatar

    Good point. A complex goal which may not trickle down to the disadvantaged. We are happy that we raked up more than 1 lac crore by the spectrum auctions recently; the flip side is the impact it will have on consumer costs, which weakens our avowed aim of a digital India.

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      thanks for the input Ashokji.

  4. iku2e Avatar

    well said 🙂 still we are in paper

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