finding the next step in life.

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image courtesy internet

Here I am at cross roads, with a need to find the next step in life. i have made quite a few decisions without really listening to my inner self. but this time listening and acknowledging myself has not only become essential and  but the past three years of working on myself has also made it easy.

Through our life, be it mine or others we need to move from one phase to the other, and each time pathways emerge, for some of us it is smooth and  clearly marked while for others they could have a difficult time figuring out where they need to go next, determining which step will land us to the most direct route fulfilment and realization of our life purpose may not seem easy.

Sometimes like in my case one might be a little confused about what our purpose is. But the last three years has taught me, that there are ways and means to discover the next step in our lives. Once we decide to move along the path of healing and soul searching then it becomes vital do make this inquiry. The inner voice often tells us its time for a change, and it is very important to trust ourselves because only we know what is best for us.

Personal growth always results when we let our self expand beyond the farthest borders of what our life has been so far, when figuring out what our next will be, we may want to review our life experiences. The choices we’ve made and the dreams we’ve held onto can give us an idea of what we don’t want to do any more and what we might like to do next.

What I found useful both in my personal life and in my clinic, is actually taking a passion test maintaining morning journal  gave me tremendous insight as well as kept me honest. There was no looking good, or falling into the safe box.

It is a different matter that once I was willing to listen to myself and be fearless that taking my next became easy, beneath the fear and hesitation and uncertainty was my inner knowing that always directed me to the next step that I needed to take. Funnily I realized that when I allowed myself take the next step it was as easy as putting one foot in front of the next, the next step was always right in front of me all that I had is to put one foot forward and on the ground.

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  1. fully agree with ur thoughts the Cardinal point for oneself i feel/believe is DECIDE [what/where to go] TRUST[in urself decision no matter what] & a” Fire in the Belly” to push u on many times somewhere in the middle one realizes that may be this is not what i really hoped/looked for Then NEVER hesitate to change/alter ur path & never think of what others may think abt u It is Ur life so go ahead

    Have A Sunshine Day Be HappyKasturi Nayak

    Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 00:15:01 +0000 To:

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