The Thirst Quenchers of Hyderabad

image courtesy Internet
image courtesy Internet

The thirst quenchers.. It is wonderful to see how rituals associated with an event alters with the need of the terrain, then there is further modification with call of time.  One of the simplest joys of life, “water” it does not resist, it flows, when we plunge our hand into it, all that we feel is its caress, not like a solid wall, it never stops you yet it goes exactly where it wants nothing can really stand against it. water is patient, dripping water wears away a stone. If you can’t go through an obstacle, we go round it just like the water does. everyday hyderabad (3)Some summer the raging heat kind of  dehydrates specially in Hyderabad, where the land is arid, and Ugadi is like that marker that we set, the tradition among the Hyderabad’s immaterial of where they have come from originally is to buy the earthen pots, that we call “hooji” in kannada. It is washed dried and the respite of summer is there. since Ugadi  any house that I visit gives me water that has the flavour of earth in it. Yesterday I discovered another aspect, travelling from narayanaguda towards secundrabad, I requested the auto driver to stop for water, he said, very politely, “amma why do you want to buy water, seva water is available.” He then went to explain to me that all over Hyderabad after ugadi stalls are put up as service to humanity where cold water is dispensed for free. This service is available through The sathyasaibaba seva samithi does this particular service and they have shade out the summer booths, with Purit water filter and water in the earthen pot, the drinkers have a choice, some points have water coolers.

The free drinking water service to the community.
The free drinking water service to the community.

The auto driver told me, that sometimes people take on, vows to put up these booths, there were people who have out curd or buttermilk these stalls would be seen on Fridays. Coming to think of it quenching some one’s thirst is to nourish the soul. All we have to do is pour it out, and the person receiving it, is relieved of the hurt in the throat, the dryness of the mouth.  Know something, may be treating a thirsty person, and a wronged person is the same. Don’t tell them they aren’t, just sit with them and have a drink.



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