Vishwakarma and me.

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sculptorSorry Plinky in my part of the world it is Vishwakarma and not Michel Angelo

Vishwakarma, the sculptor, is busy carving; he wants to carve a person, thing or event from the last month of my life into the glistening marble of immortality. What makes the statue so significant.

Nothing, except Vishwakarma the sculptor of the Gods decides to carve it.

Maybe Vishwakarma, thinks I am made of stone like Ahalya of the yore, people glorified her as pure, innocent, or even one without blemish. But she was A-hal-ya, the land that could not be ploughed. By default Vishwakarma took it be boulders! Or marbles!!

Somewhere Vishwakarma, brings back the words by my grandmother, ”listen to the mustn’t, listen to the don’ts, listen to the shouldn’t the impossibilities , the won’t Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me, anything can happen child anything.. Even you could…

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