Life’s Natural Rhythm.

DSCN8067Universal timing Life’s natural rhythm.

When I was a student we heard about Bruxism as a manifestation of middle level executives or dissatisfied housewives. About 10yrs ago I noticed a pattern in among patients, younger people that is people in their late teens and mid twenties were exhibiting the syndrome. This off late has been complicated with sleep issues.  What I have come to observe is that it is the direct follow out of the body rhythms getting confused.

Nature has a rhythm that orchestrate when day turns ot night, there is, a point when flowers must bloom, or when the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees. So are the cycles in human beings, and they do follow a rhythm. This rhythm is the bio clock, guided by rising and setting of the sun, temperature changes and the biochemical changes within our own body. we know when to sleep, eat or be active.

When we do not do this the body demands it from us,  it sends us the warning when we need to take rest. This is usually cyclic in nature.

When we push our body  beyond their natural rhythm, our ability to renew and recharge also reduces, it is like a jet lag, when we’ve overridden our own natural rhythm.  When we have over done this, we are a point we call burn out. The is an impelling need to breathe, and get in touch with our natural rhythm. Once the natural rhythm has been achieved, it is quite interesting to observe that we can achieve all that we need to achieve with less effort.

Our biological rhythms are like a symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us, a tune that inspires us to dance, there are times that we can’t name the tune and at times we are reluctant to.Life has its rhythm and so do we. These rhythms are designed to co-exist in harmony so that when we do what is ours to do and otherwise let life be. We garner acceptance and serenity.

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