Ridiculing is not funny.

Not Funny

Faking news is one of my favourite sites, and by and large they are quite amusing.

Here is the  Faking News that had me thinking, not about the news but to the reactions that people have. I wonder where the thin line between ridiculing and being funny is.

image courtsey internet
image courtesy internet


The tone of the article was that Golgappawallah’s should not speak English… why not? If the education system has gone so bad, that one cannot find a course of one’s liking even with a 97% it is quite ridiculous. People coming out of IIT’s are either exported or are burn outs.

What came across to me is the mind set, our preconceived notions … again it’s not the article I am talking about, it is the comments that it has drawn.

image courtsey internet
image courtesy internet

“Golgappa institute of engineering and technology?” this is supposed to be funny, I do get the point it is ridiculous that one does not know the difference between engineering technology and food and nutrition technology. But salivating over the over prized golgappa on Master Chef is cool, but the humble golgappawallah is not acceptable.

logo courtsey Internet
logo courtesy Internet

The other dig was on IIN, again, my dear urban elite literate uneducated intelligentsia, if i-versity and coursera are acceptable what is wrong with IIN? People learn, as long as learning occurs without mugging in the various tuitions and coaching classes what the heck matters.

Maybe it is time that we all sat up and introspected at the typecasting and the prejudices we harbour. What I did find appalling is that these are people who have commented are supposed to be young and aren’t the young supposed to break barriers.





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