whats listening to my heart?

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

#DilkadealOnSnapdeal. To me, following my heart was to spontaneously without any inhibition to perform that gesture so when Blogadda, asked us to share magical moments  there were quite few, popped up, nothing very dramatic where I had a epiphany or moments of serenity they were just small moments. Then I just looked up what following my heart meant. That’s how this blog came. To follow ones heart by the definition of urban dictionary is to be aware of your feelings and let them guide you.  Our feelings are there, so what we could do is to try to understand them rather than suppress them. Often we tend to make decisions based on what our logic tells us to do. But logic is not everything in life, listening to the heart is about listening to our hearts is about listening to our needs. When we feel something in our heart there is a message there. Sometimes this is in the form of gut feeling or a hunch. Listening to our  heart can be most important when we need to make important life decision where logic is not the issue. But when our own happiness is at stake. As I read this the magic, the empowerment of doing something spontaneously without pondering just went up the air. Suddenly I became the brooding contemplating and in a manner of speaking slightly calculating too. What I forget is that life consists of small everyday experiences and it is those experiences that happiness is made of. A walk in the park, a smile of my baby, a beautiful sunrise, unexpected compliment from a stranger.. The little moments that counts the most My grandmother had once told me, when number of voices speak at the same time listen to the one most quiet and gentle. That’s the one listening to. We were doing this play with the children of the remand home. The play was rather serious, and everyone busy trying to get the kids involved.  Something within me told me that this was not what the kids wanted.  Out of the blue I just declared, we are not doing the play that we planned but we are work one out on our own. Initially kids were hesitant. Gradually they opened up. They came up with acts and we supplied them with songs, since it was impromptu we sang along.  We used coconut shells for music and everything was making shift. At the end of the workshop the kids  turned round to the organizer and said, “ for the first time, someone listened to our stories, we want to thank doctor madam for taking the time to sing for us, and not use a tape, we felt we were accepted” to the date I do not know what pushed me to do that. But five years later today when I see the two kids in the school of performing arts I feel happy.snapdeal At the end of this I have- come to conclude that listening to my heart, is to do something spontaneously without actually even listening to my heart, but to trust that the universe will take care of me.

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