Universal Awakening.

There is a rippling and tipping towards universal awakening. Have noticed how this is happening in an ever increasing speed.

As we travelled around the hinterland of Maharashtra or even along the coast of Karnataka and Goa there visible movements towards spiritual awakening. Particularly among the young.  It is kind of scary if it booms the other way.  But as of now, it is like that snow ball perched on top of the mountain that has the potential to become huge by just rolling down the mountain and gathering more snow. In a short time it could become a force to reckon with.

When I look back on history, be it the freedom movement or the Modi wave, it looks like we humans are like the snow ball when it comes to exchanging energy and vision and no matter how few people are involved in the beginning there is a potential for massive change. As consciousness seekers we are in the midst of this process and it’s amazing to see people we thought might never come around to awakening up to their truth.

Coming to think of it, we are a point in human history where we can count our blessing for being present.  Humanity seems to be at a tipping point as more and more individuals open their minds and change their ways.

People are more aware of environment, people are spiritually awakening, and sometimes both are happening. People are taking responsibility in shaping the community and preserving the community.  This change is consciousness is sweeping everywhere; there is awareness that there is more to our lives than what meets the eye. People seem to have the awareness and energy to break through the old and rigid way of seeing things and move to a new way of being in the world. This was a much needed way of being.  This ripple seems to collect and attain the power to reach and open many minds.

Looks like the scale is tipping to allow the higher consciousness to prevail and empower each of us to individually awaken ourselves and others to bring humanity to that point with the smallest of actions. Each time we move in the direction of our dreams and vision we can visualize another small pebble dropping into the pond or another gold weight on the scale and rippling and tipping our way to universal awakening.

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