Star Gazing.

We were at Kurushetra, at my husband’s guruji’s ashram. Since the weather was unbearably hot, we decided to sleep out.

As the body relaxed, and our body tuned its inspiration and expiration to the rhythm of the rustling of the leaves. Gradually the body experienced the sensation of floating in the sky with stars. Next morning I was sharing this experience with Guruji; this is what he had to explain.

Star gazing meditation is an easy and readily available way to connect with and universe. This has been one of the earliest forms of meditation practised by humans and is readily available to this day.

One way to the stargaze, was the way it happened to us at Kuruskhetra, that is lying down on a blanket so that the body is fully relaxed. This allows the breath to move easily through the tranquil form as we settle down into the earth connecting our consciousness to the sky.  As we look deeply into the vastness allowing our awareness to alternate between the pinpoints of light and blue-black space that holds them, our breathe expands and contracts our body.  Just as the universe expands and contracts to its own eternal rhythm. Like me you might experience that you are floating amidst the stars or it might appear to rain down upon you.  You could feel peaceful and connectedness, or any of a full range of emotions. All we have to do is to continue to breathe, and experience the wonder of this universe and our place in it.

Living in the city might make it difficult to see the stars, but a walk in the park, or camp in the balcony will bring the connect. If we could make a habit of it, then we get to know the seasonal changes of the night, this in turns deepens our connect with the earth and the universe that we live.

Maybe so, look at us from the beginning of time; we have gazed at the stars in the night sky with awe, seeking in the luminosity everything from answers to inspiration to guidance. We have emerged from contemplations with stories of gods and goddesses and maps of the universe, astrology, astronomy, math and art. We have worshipped wondered and even projected ourselves out into the space in an attempt to understand their magical essence. We know more now than we ever have about what those celestial lights and how far way they reside and what will happen to them over time, but facts and information are still no substitute for experiencing them yourself.

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