Telling a story that empowers.

The Banni tree
The speaking tree

I met my friend Malavika after a long while. For the past 10yrs, I have been hearing the same story, how, her partner took advantage of her at work, her husband was loving yet detached, financial challenges, tension with sibling.  Coming to think of this most of us are dealing with similar issues not that she is unique, but what struck was the reinforcement that was occurring that was playing out her story.

We all have stories to say, but quite a few of us are stuck in a story and it becomes our reigning drama. When we are stuck in one drama maybe it is time to look at the story we are creating, and rewriting it to a more empowered storytelling. After all, each of us have our own life story it is filled with relationships and events, that help us shape who we are and what we believe to be true about the world. Depending on our perceptions and willingness to grow. Our experiences can feed negativity and patterns of playing victim or it fuel a life of empowerment and continue self development. It is the story we tell ourselves about what happens that makes all the difference.

Let’s take a moment and look at the story we have been creating for ourselves on an ongoing basis.  If we are feeling empowered, peaceful and have confidence to handle things, then we have been framing circumstances in a manner that serves us well. On the other hand if we have a lot of resentment and guilt and feel that life is pulling us down we need to retell stories of past and present events from another point of view. No matter who the characters of our stories are or what they have done we are the only ones who can define the role we play in our lives. Taking responsibility for our story allows us to learn, grow forgive and find compassion. Most importantly it allows us to move on to a better future.

When we understand, that what we are telling is just a story, it is not happening anymore, it just a string of words, we can just crumble and throw our past in a trash can, then we could figure who we are going to be.

We can pick a story that empowers us, it could be the proof our own resilience and creativity.  This generosity also allows learning what we need to know.

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