Musing over atoms, Brahmanada, and other stuff,

chikkammanora gardi (4)As a science student, I learnt energy is neither created nor destroyed.

While studying biology, we did learn about cells, unicellular animals, and how these unicellular animals live in colonies, and how they behaved as single entity, slowly the mind translated this understanding to the human body was nothing but colonies of unicellular beings that cohabitated.  Even though it is gross, it just fascinated me no end. for hours I can get lost into the dynamics how we move, my visual give me an image one cellular colony getting dynamic, and the wave arising from it, activating the next. So on.

To this abstract understanding then came the awareness of energies within the body, no metaphysics just the understanding the all physiological occurrences can be classified either as chemical, or thermal, or electrical or two others that I have forgotten energies that automatically called for another picture, another picture that involved the effect of energy, their area of efficiency, so on and so forth.

But the ultimate understanding was, we are made up of atoms, and atoms are the microcosmic representation of the macrocosmic manifestation of the solar system. A Neutron in the centre that represents the sun and the protons that goes round it.

The neutron is essentially neutral, receiving positive energy and living peacefully, this would be the representation of the soul. At a point in pops the electron, the negative energy in the parlance of us it would the mind. The electrons are excellent they move, they are bound to the neutron by the centrifugal force and we have the constant energy dynamics which makes the atom present it alternately as photons and electron that is matter appears and disappears the negative energy getting stronger as it goes away from the nucleus.

Experiments conducted have proved that if a DNA is dropped in this atomic structure there is a uniform orientation of this structure and this pattern stays even when the DNA is removed and it attracts complimentary pattern.

That is why maybe we all have repetitive behaviour and we attract situations of the particular pattern. Until it becomes our life story.

The only way to get out of this is rescripting our life story and internalizing our new one right at the level of our DNA.

PS—though I am a little incoherent in this article, we do life rescripting in our clinic and the observation is that it works.

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