Apps — apparently

Image courtesy Internet
Image courtesy Internet

It’s a happy hour, and we are looking at my Airtel apps. It offers a whole lot of features like

  • Airtel surprise coupon on recharging – these coupons are from eBay, myntra, archies and other sites that I do not vibe with.
  • Then there is a I want to feature where we can recharge , make bill payments, record, download games again other than the bill payment nothing makes sense to me.
  • Make safe secure payments, haa… this is interesting remove Airtel services … maybe we turn off the irritating bossy impolite Delhi based tele-callers, or sleep inhibitors.

It then says can be downloaded on android, IOS, window, Nokia, Blackberry this could be verbs or adverbs from the Lemurian language for all I know. Actually let’s bring it back closer to home, I know of Nokia, blackberry, android and windows.

All one needs to is shake the device, I keep my mobile in my hip pocket and I ride a bike, I leave the shake-it effect to your imagination.

Jokes apart, I am not from the techno-born generation. My parents were quite techno-phobic. The combination makes me techno-challenged. I do not really understand terms like apps, then storage space they take up.etc. Etc. It took me a while to get used my laptop.  Then came the social media, understanding this was the next hurdle.

The best way to handle a fear or a phobia I realize is to face it and handle it hands on. Before I even think of downloading something I actually need to understand what this whole application business is all about.

I mean it is okay to say myairtel app does this… …but what do I understand from this. After a lot of Google search this is what I figured. EVERYONE HAS AN APP these days.

For the lack of patience to Google the definition of apps, I shall my understanding—apps are basically little, self contained programs, used to enhance existing functionality, hopefully in a simple, more users friendly way…I am sceptic.

Today’s smart phones can pretty much do anything a desktop computer does and it’s a phone browser. Yet, I find fiddling with an URL bar, and managing bookmarks on a mobile a little awkward experience.  This has inspired the online services and sites to use the app, which is a standalone route, giving them better control of the user experience and maybe make things simpler and quicker to open and use.

For example a banking app simplifies the process remembering your login information for next time and presenting critical data about how much you haven’t got, chunky fonts that make everything more readable on a small phone display.  This is a great way to keep rage episodes of gizmo flinging to the minimum; of course it also reduces Frisbee practise frequency.

Downloading apps:

This I am told depends on the Smartphone that we use. The primordial triad of the techno-religion are Android, iOS, and windows phone. All come with browsable desktop web sites and accompanying app stores, these arrive built in as part of the phones operating system.

Apple, Google and Microsoft   have app stores, while there are some unofficial and illegitimate off springs too.  Google does not believe in live and let live, so if you download Google appstore, you cannot access android Amazon appstore, but the android open software is kindly godfather who lets anyone install anything from the web.

airtelThe biggest nightmare of it all Managing and removing apps, for example apple users have plenty of bewildering tools pre-installed on phones that users never use and apple does not let remove it. Phones powered by Google’s android OS will refuse to uninstall   Google+, Gmail or the maps from many of the Android phones and tablets.  Windows phone handsets offer similar tools, letting us free memory space by dumping unwanted apps as long as it is not critical to the phone maker.

I wonder what would happen if deleted things… of course the phone won’t break, …definitely I will lose some fancy functions, but it might just render my phone useable.

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