Sammohan Vs.Vashikaran.. trying to understand this.

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

I was a sceptic when I did my introductory course in Hypnosis, there was a definite improvement in situation, and also since I am actively involved tobacco rehabilitation, one of the therapeutic options that I thought could work was Hypnotherapy.

The second level, well lets leave it at that. I had still not shared this with anyone.

Finally I decided to complete the curriculum, that meant sharing it with my family, and guess what  anger- disbelief to ridicule I faced it all.

I realized most people experienced Bhibhatsa one of the navarasa that is fascination yet repelling, there is a hint of fear and shade of romanticism. Wondering what this entire word play is about is it?

Well think about it, there is romanticism about going to the past life finding out various aspects, then there is the fear of  loosing control, we are constantly bombarded by information bytes which depict hypnosis as a tool where one person controls the other. We also  fascinated about the mind per say wondering what would be trapped in its annals, and then we are repelled by the notion of having to face the dark negative side of our own self.

Then I realized that we had such a misconception about hypnosis. Since we think of it as an interchangeable word for summohan vidya and vashikarana vidya which are tantric in nature.

Sammohan  is very similar to Hypnosis where we go into the subconsicious, though I cannot say about Sammohan technique in an authoritative way, i can do so with hypnosis, for here we are accessing our own subconscious, the beliefs we harbour and what has lead us to harness that belief. The hypnotherapist can only enhance a belief. But the control is with the person who wants the belief to be dealt with.

As a therapist, I can only guide a person, and not command or push neither can I deliver a judgement to a situation. It is very individual, personal and experiential.

When it comes vashikaran i am told, it is about control from outside, sometimes external free energies are use (we’ll figure this out when we talk entities and spirits) but yes this is the world of curses, black magic and oaths. Though difficult for the modern mind to accept these do work, and they work on our belief systems.

The minute I was able to explain the difference between vashikaran and sammohan, there was a little more peace.  Words like subconscious and awareness seem to acceptable like the concept of free choice which is an integral part of hypnotherapy.

If any of you anything else to add please feel free


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