A bridge to acceptance

chikkammanora gardi (4)Dealing with disappointment,

In 1993 when I started with my dental clinic I used to see, something like 10 patients a day, that was enormous, then I had to take 2yrs, break, with all challenges and relocating, to a new space, I lost my confidence in the place my practise was weaker it half, and I landed feeling disappointed with myself, as a corollary I assumed my patients were disappointed with me too. If I had stepped out and networked with other dentists I would I realized that everyone was on the same page.

I went into a phase of being stuck with the realm of how things might have been, this with regards to a different career, relationship and name it, and it popped into the kingdom of what-might-have been.

Whenever we do something in life with an expectation of we’d like it to turn out we risk experiencing disappointment, when things don’t go  the way we envisioned it we feel a range of emotions right from being let down to depressed and there are moments when we are angry with ourselves and others. Yahoo!! This is the onset of the blame game. What I did realize that it was a  tough feeling to experience, yet it is an integral part of life, and there are different ways to deal with it.

The key was acknowledging it and being ready to let it go. When I began dealing with my own sense of failure, the first thing was to acknowledge that things didn’t go the way I envisioned. .. this disappointed me and made me angry, this acceptance helped move into the new emotional territory. I wrote about what I had envisioned and the experience of disappointment this kind of revealed to me, where I was out of alignment. This realization helped me move on.

After ascertaining the destination, I went about rescripting my plan of action, and I realized that in the long run the breakdown was a great thing to happen it allowed me to grow in a different path. It also taught me the skill of pausing, taking cognisance of  the reality and take the next step responsibly with all awareness.

The past two weeks I have been dealing with clients who are wallowing in disappointment over their failure and about 40% when they connected with their higher self discovered that they were out of balance with their life plan, they incarnated with, and this realization really altered things for them.

Its not about disappointment, it is not about life giving us second chance, it is about us aligning along our true potential, the events the circumstances are all incidental.






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    Yes..indeed..adaptability is a key to success.

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