Family Meditation.—a life long gift.

Family Meditation.—a life long gift.

Families that eat together stay together is something that we have all heard. Here is another one that I read, a family that meditates together grows together.

Coming to think of it, many families have the tradition of evening prayers together, or morning prayers together, I don’t mean of the Karan Johar kind, but bhajans and evening chantings, christain families have their daily rosary.

A child’s first learning takes place in the home, and it provides a foundation of knowledge that becomes their basis ofr comparisons as they move on inot the world. We not really feel qualified to give the spiritual input the child needs, but an daily ritual like praying together or saying grace as we have dinner, will plant the seed that gives them a basic understanding of the peace and power that lie within them.

Even a routine of practising meditation, without insisting on the child adhereing goes a long way, since children learn through observation and imitation rather than instruction.  This becomes as much a part of the psyche as hygiene it also gives a sense of belonging and rooting which is very essential for the child as they pass through their preteens and teens.

Visualization, guided imagainery can be taught, or even just sitting together and holding hands creates a bonding. Half an hour gizmo free time is also essential.

This whole concept I found was very very interesting. Maybe I shall get my kids to teach their kids this.

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