Saint Salman Khan…

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If I were Arpita I would really feel belittled. Being adopted is fine. Being adopted means being accepted by the family as one of their own. After which where the person came from becomes irrelevant. All through the media mania of her wedding the only thing that kept coming across, how the beggar maid, caught Cophetua’s eyes and instead of being the queen she became the princess the Cinderella who went to the ball.

Every whim of hers was catered to by Big Brother Salman. The media fell short in giving him sainthood. The charity he runs, how he got the Falaknuma palace for her wedding so on and so forth. It was obnoxious and played to the gallery.

After all he was coming up to court for manslaughter due drunken driving and the man needed respite. Of course if went to jail the media would have to find a new newsmaker for Salman is excellent fodder the spoiled brat turned  Saint Robin Hood.

One does not really know the constrains since St.Salman Robin Hood Khan is a commodity that is regularly exported abroad through his movies, so it might mean drop in import revenue I am not really sure but it would be interesting to know why the law is. Hesitant to get harsh and why the media is busy cleaning his image. Each day each channel shows the re-run of movies where he is this man who stands for the underprivileged.  So Arpita’s story is very essential to ensure this perpetuates into his personal life and public persona.

For God’s sake, he was found guilty of culpable homicide , negligence  and driving under the influence of alcohol, being a celebrity he is going to be the role model for god knows how many impressionable kids out there,  he needs to let the world know that every action has a pay up time. But he gets way with his driver taking the blame, the only witness was totally wasted by Salman commodity vendors and buyers.

There was someone who saw  drunken Salman fall twice before he actually ran away, but nothing is mentioned off that man, probably the be Human charitable trust bought him out.  Saint Robin Hood Khan’s lawyer Shrikant Shivade argued about his generous contribution to charity and his neurological condition, please, that does not undo the damage that he has done. The fact that Shivade has given details of the charity work done by St.Robin Hood Khan it is a visible bribe to the country.

The Judge was willing to let him off with 5yrs of imprisonment… wonder what the actual payback for manslaughter is.

To one victim, the compensation was payback enough. Maybe if Salman accepted that he had made the mistake taken the onus and done the payback it would bring justice all the amount spent on creating Arpita’s fairy tale would have got her and Salman more blessings if it was given to those 5 people who were injured.

The fact is the industry has 2.5 billion rupees ridding on him, that makes him a commodity to take care off. The Hindi industry is more worried about the loss it will incur, and the media is of course the country cousin of the film industry.

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

Of course the issue of poaching the Black buck has not come forth where the St.Robin Hood Khan did not even answer the summons, if a man has so little respect for the law, even less respect for the people he killed and injured, and absolutely no respect for his body guard and driver  sorry that is not being Human.

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