Live-Lodge check list for a Road trip

renault lodgy1
image courtesy Renault brochure

Okay lets Live-Lodge and not drive and dodge.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

Which requires me to write about at least 5 things that are an important part of my world and I would take along with me in my Renault Lodge.

Let’s get to the point logically.  When you read the hashtag someone has obviously tried to play around with the words, interestingly that falls into my precinct. The Lodging that is a place to stay for a short period of time. To stay at a place for a short period of time orb to become stuck or fixed in a specific place or position. Being lodged in a car with no leg space is scary.

Why would I even get into a car?

To go from destination A to destination B, and time is factored in or the distance is too much for me to cycle or go by bike.  Or to honest that’s the only time my husband’s ear is not fused to a mobile, or eyes are not fixed on a laptop screen. In short gives me a facade of family time.  My husband loves to drive; my daughter loves photography I like being in the same space as my daughters.

Before I got married my packing style would be, one backpack and only what goes into it. I could be away probably for a month but I still operated on this and it was quite fine. But with the kids I became paranoid; I could literally fill a caravan. I am still trying finding the balance.

image courtesy Renault brochure
image courtesy Renault brochure

Considerations when travelling would vary from person to person; since I do not drive I leave all technicalities to my husband. I don’t even navigate though yes, I do keep a back and chalk the “to see itiniery,” navigation is my daughter’s job; I goof up with the left and right.

Here are few things that caught my fancy because it reduces the number of things to be packed…yes I know you asked for the things that I have to pack and not what I won’t pack, I come to that list too.

The seven – eight sweater living in a tourist destination we have lot of guests, we also drive down to Dharwad where my in-laws stay, or to Hyderabad to my daughter then space becomes an issue. Renault promises space… Anyway carrying books is no more an issue with Kindle being available. But yes I can put in an ice box to keep the water cool.

The mobile charger the medianav system is also fine, but what really caught my fancy was the flight tray.  Just visualize this, we driving up the Amboli ghat, husband asks for water, so here I am unscrewing the cap, my daughter sees something that she wants to photograph,”amma hold my glass” and amma suddenly wishes she could shape lift to be a hydra or octopus now there is place where the cup can be lodged without the fear of toppling and without me worrying about having to clean up. This also means less tissue to pack.

Couple of months back we travelled from goa to Hyderabad, and we used the Google map, but in between we did ask people it is quite interesting that if we were to go from destination A to destination B and we asked someone, they would look at us blankly but when we did ask for closer landmarks people would guide us. But here Renaults Medianav has both maps and navigation. Now that looks quite interesting. Maybe I can do away with sticking my head into my Smartphone tracking the Google man.

The central upper storage with lid on the dashboard, an easy accessible place to keep the change required for various toll gates, and sanitizer which is an absolute must. Also those hard boiled  candies that my husband and daughter are fond of popping up through the journey. The glove box is out of bounds for me but the open storage above the glove box seems a handy place to keep refuse bags which I never travel without, because both my daughters and I have a tendency to throw up interestingly it is something that happens but we go on with our trip. It keeps the bags handy without eating into my handbag space.

Know something I might actually put my driver’s license to use with since my biggest block when it came to driving was the inability to reverse. Once the rear view camera is there then it is like cutting a cavity on the upper teeth we just work reverse.

Anyway my must have for any road trip.

  1. Printed itinerary
    • List of places to see
    • List of places where we can eat.
    • List of pay toilets.
  2. Sanitizer, tissue and wet wipe.
  3. notebook.
  4. Phone and emergency contact numbers.
  5. Personal – sunscreen, glasses, sunshade, inhaler.
  6. Water, three bottles iced, and one just cold so that we have a supply of cold water.

    image courtesy renault brochure
    image courtesy renault brochure
  7. Refuse bags
    • Small ones in case any of us puke.
    • Large one to collect all the litter that we create to dispose on return.
  8. Avomin anticipatory… but would avoid use as it spoils fun.
  9. Snacks for munching.
  10. Bread, peanut butter and salads—in case we want to be totally flexible
  11. CD’s for others, and ear plugs for me.
  12. One set of extra clothing for emergency.
  13. Pillows and a shawl

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