bannikaleshwari, the universal mother
bannikaleshwari, the universal motherce

We hear so much about beauty being skin deep, inner beauty and other things, all we have to do is look for beauty and she is there all around. Hindu mythology, has given this power to Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance she becomes soundarya the manifestation of beauty.

It is as if beauty speaks to us sometimes, in soft whispers and sometimes as bold declarations. She calls on us to gaze in awe at her splendour. She entices us we adore her.  We idolize her and even court her, look the value placed on the interior decoration and beauty products. Beauty seduces all of our sense.  This seduction could be as obvious as striking good looks in a man or woman or something as subtle as leafless Palaash tree with flowers. Beauty offers us a symphony of colours with every sunrise and sunset and reveals to us her brash power through a storm at sea. Beauty teases us through the shy smile of a child and delights us via brilliant flashes of fireworks. Beauty sometimes even piques all our senses at once, appealing to our  taste buds, as well as our eyes and nose when manifests as a the wafting aroma from freshly baked cakes or bread. Beauty calms us with floral scents and excites our aural lust the passionate sounds made by the symphony of nature.

Beauty can also be cruel and our pursuit of her can make us vain. We go to the opera in anticipation f finding beauty there, and she may disappoint or bore us.  Beauty always lavishes her attention on suitors, who appreciate her charms, then there are captors who trap her essence in a photograph, painting, or sculpture and still she is nowhere to be found. Beauty will forever inspire works of art and she will always pose for her portrait selecting the artist who is most worthy to translate her likeliness.

Depending on our personal tastes, beauty is found in every colour flavour, scent and texture. She lives among the poor  just as she lives with rich and appears in the faces as she appears in the old, she is home in a city as she is in a country, decorating skylines as well as landscapes she is the ultimate shifter, she now manifests as Ramya the enchanting. Beauty is the weather beaten barn, loved by one, and an awesome testament of craftsmanship to the other, she is now Vismaya, beauty knows no bounds and we find her everywhere, all that we have to look and behold she manifests.

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