Graphite loons ay mah life.

The prompt of the week – if my life had a background score which songs and music will be in it..

When I read this prompt without reflecting, the first thing that came to me was, then   I realized this was my comfort song, something that helps me cross the stream.

To me a background score, it’s very different from life song or the soul song.

A background score is that pattern, that thought, that inspiration that stays throughout it is present and manifests in many ways it is what  I would call as the learning or the experience that we are here to experience in the earth school,  .

Everyone has adventures in their lives, some good ones and some bad ones, these are like tick marks in a pattern. It is stable for a while, and then it takes a ditch not because we are meant to be upset, but because we are meant to move on to the next level and we need to lean back and jump. Life is like an analog signal it has its high and lows.

It is like the first cycle with a 90 degree rise.

Others life look like normal sign curve. They are lining a simple life with no trouble. The noise, the sounds they are audible only when look closer. They have enough stuff that they need to pull themselves through.

I used to get upset that I am not anything, I’m done with life has been an recurrent theme… the back ground score… but then it healed and I learnt, I was quite surprised to hear that there were many others who wanted to  be in my place and others who quite counted on me.

I realized that the background score was the score that supported the soul music. And soul music was all about longevity and reaching people on a human level—that would remain through eternity.

Incidentally soul music was popular music genre that originated in the 1950’s and early 1960. It combined elements of African-American gospel music rhythm and blues and jazz.

The background score slowly makes itself heard on soft moments of introspection or still, it is heard as a difference in sound, imagine sitting on a fire step waiting for- someone or something, just let yourself experience the space, and you can hear the music of the tins, the empty ones that sonorous, the fuller ones that provide the ascending scale those filled to the brim producing only a fat percussive beat unless they are overbalanced, the cascade would be loud variation. With earshot we perceive scores of tins in different states of fullness and varying resonance.  Now hear the wire moving in the wind, it sets up a moaning background noise that occasionally gusts to prominence, then lapses again to mere accompaniment.  This is precisely how I figured that my soul music, back ground score was like this, and was best captured by  tp://

The rhythm the score is so familiar, and in tune, so I say






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