Hey—Maa it’s a crash

Image courtesy internet
Image courtesy internet

It is rather sad that the BJP MP Hemamalini’s car rammed into another car and a girl named Sonam was died on the spot. I am deliberately omitting the age of the kid at this point in time.

People have been pointing fingers that HemaMalini should have been around longer, helped out everything fine. The child should have had priority to being taken to the hospital yes there is no doubt about it.

Then came the judgements about celebrity callousness, how the media is going gaga over HemaMalini’s nose and not giving enough weight age to the death of a child. There was another online observer who declared like Rane, Hema was not wearing a seat belt well that’s not acceptable either.

Can you imagine the riots that would have happened if HemaMalini hung around, every celebrity hunter would clamour round her clicking selfies and the next thing we know that the media will be running a #selfiwithHey-ma campaign!!

Let’s come to taking the child to the hospital it is a child, having to pick the child there has to be an accompanying adult; we don’t know how much the damage to the Alto was and what would be the time to evacuate the patient from the wreck.

Coming to killing the child, the first day the report was the child was 5yr. Old, we are now told that the child was 2yrs. Irrelevant but it points to a certain amount of callousness. While I can imagine how much the child’s parents must be devastated, there are lot of questions unanswered. I am bringing this up NOT because I want to defend  AmmaMalini but because I think we need to retrospect on how we drive,

  • Did AmmaMalini’s driver honk before turning, did the Alto driver honk on approaching a turning. Though drivers are known to honk irrelevantly very few actually honk before approaching a turn while the traffic rules demand that we do.
  • Where was the child sitting, was the child in front, then the Alto driver is totally responsible for what happened. In the much admired Uncle Sam’s land it is a rule that the kids are not allowed to sit beside the driver.
  • What about the passengers in the Alto did they have their seat belts on? What about the kids? if I am not mistaken countries abroad have child seats so that the children are safe.

When we have a drunken SALMAN KHAN jailed for killing pedestrians the film industry stands by him, shows him solidarity, the TV channels keep running his movies and projecting him as some kind of messiah being harassed instead of treating him as the spoilt brat that he is. But when it is HemaMalini fingers are being pointed at her.

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

When Salman Khan drives his driver takes the blame, when Hema Malini’s driver drives, she takes the blame, interesting isn’t it.When a drunken Salman drives over people on the footpath, they are referred to as victims of an accident, but when it is Hema’s driver it is killing almost making it sound intentional.

Being a victim of a road accident I know that the person who hit me, just absconded, Hema acknowledged her involvement.

May little Sonam’s soul rest in peace and the rest of her family have the strength to face her loss and recuperate from their  ordeal, without overtly expending their strength with harnessing their transient glory in the media.

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