Disapproving faces

violet flameAnd the child that’s born on the Sabbath day is fair and wise and good and gay.

In dental clinic I see a lot of kids wanting to have the perfect dentition, the perfect skin, and couple of them even came to check if their tongue attachment was right so that their speech was perfect. This according to them made people like them. Since I have added hypnotherapy in my treatment option, I find being liked important.

When we were young not being disliked was more important than being liked. If you were not disliked then you strive to be liked. Well we are slowly moving on.

I know I am not liked by people, it is logical since I do not like people too. Yes, despite understanding that there is a certain amount of judgemental issue involved here. When we talk of romantic liaisons we says opposites attract, but think of this, we also say we are on the same wavelength so we get on well.

Somewhere I realized if someone does not like me… I realized this because this was what I observed in myself it is because that I am not like them. it simply translates to our reactions and reflexes being different. There was a time when I took it as a personal affront, now I realize it is okay once I accept that the person is not really fond of me, and then I acknowledge that I do not have to be liked by all I realized that I was releasing myself from the need for approval and this in turn set me free to pursue more rewarding avenues.

Of course it great when people accept us, and we are part of family, a group but depending on it, and the need to conform can lead us to deviate or lose our own paths.  There people who love us and accept unconditionally,  and those that respond to us through a filter this does not reflect either or us or them for each of us take in information process, and react to things through the funnel of our experiences and understanding. The best we can do is following our own inner guidance with integrity and accept whatever role we play in the script of others life.

As we walk along the path that is perfect for us, we learn to appreciate the feeling of being fully ourselves; the need to belong by compromise is replaced by the flow of people who are on the wavelength us. or people who understand and appreciate the truth of who we are. Our collective energies then help us go on with our lives co-creating with the universe and its energy of pure potential. We transcend limitations and empower ourselves to shine our unique light fully and freely.

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