Small steps… make the big change.

Small steps… make the big change.

Sometimes it is the small step that is all that is needed to bring about that change. Like I shared about the night ritual.  The big changes happen when we do the small ones.  Maybe because the small ones are not overwhelming.

When we decide that it is time for a big change in our life, we could start and ease into the change by taking one step at time. Small changes allow us to grow into a new habit and make it permanent part of our lives. Like the affirmations that I started writing.  I realized as I wrote those affirmation the blocks popped out, so did the resolution to the block.  It was quite interesting when I affirmed that I love and accept myself just the way I am, the resistance was a lot. But when I transformed the affirmation to I am willing to love and accept myself the resolution became much easier. I started exercising meditation and slowly building my internal and external persona which had taken a beating.  Even when I had to alter the routes it was not very difficult.

I also realized that the goals we set for ourselves are merely indicators of the need for change and are useful in getting us moving in the right direction. But it is possible that once we try out what seemed so ideal, we may find that it does not actually suit or make us feel the way we had hoped. By embarking on the path slowly we have the chance to look around and consider other options as we learn and grow. We have time to examine the underlying values of the desire for change and find ways to manifest those feelings whether it looks exactly like our initial goal or not. Taking small steps forward gives us time to adjust and find secure footing on our new path.

Life may not always give the opportunity to anticipate or prepare for a big change and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by what is in front of us. By choosing one thing to work at a time, we focus our attention on something manageable, and eventually we will look up to see that we have accomplished quite a bit. Forcing change is, in essence a sign that we do not trust the universe’s wisdom. Instead we can listen to our inner guidance and make changes at a pace that is right for us. Ensuring that we so in alignment with rhythm of the universe.

Actually what worked the best for me; I am willing to accept the divine guidance.

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