When we don’t take action.

The Kathale Basadi chappara
The Kathale Basadi chappara

Couple of months back I had received the social media sponsorship from Blogadda, I did not use it because I did not know that I had received it. I did not know that I received because I did not take the trouble of following up my article.  I have missed out on many small things that could mount to a lot when I realize that I did not just bother to take action when needed.

I do agree we that we are human being and not human doing, but somewhere taking action is also necessary. Visions and thoughts are great but they translate only when we take that one step to act.  I liked what Gopal Sarma at the Landmark education forum used to say, we think and do not take action then we are thoughting and not acting.

We are powerful when we take action. But we are equally powerful when we do not take action.

Life is sculpted on a moment to moment basis. Every thought we think, the words we speak and actions that we take contributes to the complex quality and characters of the universe unfolding. It simply is not possible to be alive without making an impact on the world that surrounds us. When it comes to making the world a better place what we choose not do is as powerful as what we choose to do.

Take for example we neglect to recycle, speak up, vote or help somebody in immediate need, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to be an agent for positive change. Instead we are enabling a particular course to continue unchallenged, picking up speed even as it goes along. By believing that our actions don’t make much of difference we find that we often tend to forgo opportunities for involvement. Alternately if we see ourselves as important participants in an ever-evolving world we may feel more inspired to contribute our unique perspective and gifts to a situation.

Of course not every cause or action is appropriate for everyone. When something catches our attention, and speaks to u heart it is important that we honour our impulse to help and take the action that feels right for us. It may be offering a kind word to a friend giving resources to people in need, or just taking responsibility for our own behaviour. By doing what we can when we can, we add positive energy to our world, and sometimes it may be our one single contribution that makes all the difference.

3 Replies to “When we don’t take action.”

  1. Well said. Sometimes the small thing we missed to do will haunt us big.
    I like the line “we are human being and not human doing”.. lol

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