Attaching meaning

At the Landmark Education forum we were made aware that events just occur, the meaning we attach to it influences the quality of our life.  And the meaning we attach to events we choose to call our voice of reason.

When we experience something, we tend to assign a meaning to it, we could call it pleasant or distressing, and it is that meaning that we apply / that determines the quality of our lives.  It also colours the way we feel about ourselves. About the people in our lives and the world at large.

For example the last two times that I was at Bangalore I could not meet my cousin and I concluded that he did not want to meet me.  This left me with a feeling of resentment. Not only did it make me feel unworthy… it also made me attack his character instead of just accepting that he was overwhelmed with work.  What is more interesting is that I have noticed that I can be more generous with acquaintances but I cannot give the margin to my family.

It’s not just this, when I had the burn, and could not attend the clinic as a doctor I knew the biggest challenge I would face was depression because of the inability to get to work, so I did tapped on my writing ability. Suddenly I find myself being pushed into another direction or space. Now that my medications have been withdrawn I am dealing with the steroid weight gain problem. I wonder what the universe has in store for me.

As I have become more conscious to what is happening in space and the various meanings that I have attached to them, I am shocked at the messages that I have been telling myself and extent of negativity that I have fed into my life.  Over the last year I have been assigning kinder meanings to the events, and find life is much pleasanter.

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