Earth Overshoot Day

earth overshootEvery body talks about development, connectivity, which somewhere translates to just  construction work, this is taking a toll on our ecology, the list that is damaged is so long that I am using a cheat sheet. We have out shot the planets capacity to support the need and the greed of the global population.

To raise awareness of how fast we’re depleting earth’s resources one science research based non-profit organization calculates the exact date that the global community starts running on ecological deficit each year.

This year the day was August 13th, though it usually overshoots a month or two before the date. The overshoot is as much as 25-30% that is to say we are consuming 25-30% more than what the earth can provide for that year.

How best do we address these various environmental crises? Crying wolf and talking about the stark reality is fine, but what are the pro-active steps that we can take? Or do we hide behind the numbness created by a Media Monster? Maybe roping in the media is winning half the battle but moving beyond the glamour to the hands on other half is the challenge.

By creating an alert on the Earth overshoot Day we maybe raising the red flag.  This year we collectively over draw on August 13th, that is we have already consumed more than what the earth can produce for the year.

This concept of Earth Overshoot Day is believed to have originated with the New Economic Foundation an UK based think thank that inspires and demonstrates real economic wellbeing. It is calculated by the Global Footprint Network of California.

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