Lets acknowledge our right to happiness

#HHM2015Happiness happens

When you are happy and you know clap your hands

When you’re happy and you know and you really want to show it, call your hands.

August really seem to have freaky dedications. One interesting one is happiness happens. It started off as a day dedication on August 8th, but theparticipants wanted the happiness to linger on, so they eventually brought it to happiness happens month.

This year the members have come up with a 31 day  happiness challenge. Each day you are given a task that makes you and others smile. I plan to join aboard on the 15th of this month.

The secret society of Happy People supports people who want to share their happiness despite people who don’t want to hear them, I think we definitely need to create this after being fed by Arnab Goswami that the world is morbid and India is Rabid. The motto of the society is Happiness Happens and Don’t Even Think Of Raining On My Parade.

The movement is essentially about making people aware that it is okay to be happy and we have a right to express our joy as loud as we want without disturbing the neighbours of course.

It was founded in august 1998 by Pamela gill Johnson however it gained international momentum only when it challenged the advice of a columnist ann Launders who discouraged people wfrom writing happy holiday newletters, with their holiday cards.  Pamela demanded that Launders should apologize to the million people who were generous with their joy and wanted to share it.  Landers did change her stand and over the years the movement has spread to 34 countries.

August 8th is admit you’re happy day, and now it has grown to happiness happens month, where people share happiness and encourage people to talk and think about happiness.  There is also something called as Happython that the society organizes on the social media, this sends inspirational messages and promotes happiness. On the turn of the century they had an event to vote the happiest event of the century.  Then they organized an happiness hunt.

Here is a request, each of us can write one thing that made us really happy each day and we might actually come up with  happiness encyclopedia

For more — http://sohp.com/

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