My Den

living room courtesy Godrej-interio
My Den- courtesy Godrej -interio

I would like my house to be unique to me. sure, I’ve bought plenty of things out of the local ferry sale, or picked up second hand furniture from my grandmother, but the way I put them together in my home is special.  I mean we might buy a sofa at major decorating store, but the rug we pick up at the bylanes of jumaritalyya is also unique, it the room from carbon copy, or a sorry wannabe, to simply mine in no time.

I haven’t  had time to do all the things that I should be doing like running dieting and decorating my house, buying the furniture that I would love, or the dishwasher that I need.

Home-office space image courtesy google
Home-office space image courtesy google

But if a fairy godmother were to tell me I hereby grant you the power to redecorate probably this is what I would do

most important place in my entire house, would be my corner, my refuge, I would like to call it the SHE-SHED or SHEAVEN that is a compound word for SHE-HEAVEN. That would be books, greenery, study table, recline chair, and a sliding door to shut myself from the rest of the world. What I am looking at is a room that overlooks greenery so one wall is glass instead of brink. The other wall is sliding door like a shutter I mean it goes up, so that I can let people in or choose my space.

Interesting study table, courtesy godrej-interio
Interesting study table, courtesy godrej-interio

Why a pull down shutter, well that economizes on space, doors do take up space you know.

If possible I would have a area where I have pictures of my daughters. And on the right corner of the wall that has the glass, i would place a Buddha and my prayer bowl in front of it. On either side would be Himalayan rock salt.

Right outside the glass would be potted plants, I cannot think of names, but not roses or jasmine. The walls and furnishing is definitely lilac. And draperies well I doubt if I would need it, if I do, like the furnishing it would be Lavender.

fragrances by godrej-interio
fragrances by godrej-interio

Yes I would use a room fresheners maybe lavender fragrance if available.

Actually I would use lavender aromatherapy oil to mop my floors too.

Yes, my moonstone would be my worktable,

godrej e
living room by Godrej-interio

When I was newly married I wanted to have a very Indian looking living room at low cost, then I had cane furniture, and curtains made of Ikal cotton saris, the pallu cut up to make cushion cover, the packing boxes doubling as coffee, tables, or a casual sitting space, a wicker basket for news paper etc.

Those days I  was being unconventional, my sense of decor did not fit, the Bombay or to be less nasty Urban-middle class decor.

Eventually my kids came along, my practise picked up and I let myself and my house go.

Now that my kids are out, I realize that i was so busy with the mama track that my house has gone seeded, somewhere deep hidden where some images, that my father had partially allowed me to indulge in, the ethnic chic no more entices, now i am looking at ergonomic, clutter free decor.

My walls then were light yellow, commonly called “Gopi” curtains were off white and I had done some fabric painting on it. Thinking back it must have been pretty clumsy and very wannabe rustic,

Living room

Bedroom concepts by Godrej interio
Bedroom concepts by Godrej interio

Activities conducted here

  • Entertaining guests,
  • Watching television

The ambience that I am looking at is rather formal. Colours would probably be white,  convenient for guests to place their coffee, and easy to clean for guests who turn with unruly kids…so probably I central carpet area with a water body and floating flowers, furniture set along the walls.

modular kitchen- Godrej Interio
modular kitchen- Godrej Interio

About Dining area, actually I was wondering if we could have a sit down dining space, so that I could put the television in the eating area.  Of course the refrigerator, and microwave would be here. colours that I am looking at here are warm shades of pink, and side table on which I can story crockery, cutlery and accompaniments for a meal.

The Bed room should be a rest and rejuvenating place, so soothing shades of lavender, or lilac. With curtains that is just a shade darker than the walls. on the wall right opposite as open my eyes, I would place the image of maitreyi Buddha   so that I could begin my day with a blessing. And close my eye with gratitude.For the concept of Godrej interio I am willing to sacrifice the lilac-lavender for the brown-orange.

godrej logo
“I am participating in the Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how”

The kitchen— gone is the fascination I had for the jars and Horlicks bottles, I just want minimal stuff now. No more does the country kitchen look excite me, with its herbs, and onions hanging from the peg. Now I am looking at clean efficient modular kitchen, that accommodates my washing machine and dishwasher, and of course the Spider’s widow plant to inhale the toxin from the cooking gas. Maybe if i can I would have a small potted version of kharipatta leaves, ginger and maybe chilli, of course one corner where I do get plenty of sunlight I would have a potted lemon tree. The only wall decor I would opt for is the idol of Annapurneshwari.

Know what I just realized by reshaping or decorating my outer space I am expressing my inner sense of self, “I like that ” becomes,”I am like that.”

From a rebel trying to find her identity, I have become establishment.

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