Pep-up for a new day

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“No my friend i am not drunk, it is that I have been to the dentist and I need not go again for six months, thats a beautiful thought” this is a quote from my favourite character, Hercules Poirot created by Agatha Christie

Remember dentistry is not expensive neglect is.

Truth be it said, love conquers all things except poverty and toothache. Forget it, one can put up with anything except bad breathe,

Can you imagine your mouth, or rather the last third of your tongue something like  large sewage where the ear-nose and mouth dumps its garbage, so  gargling early morning is a great idea,

How often has your dental hygienist shown you how to brush your teeth properly. Or the regime, to be followed. It is worse for kids with ADHD or autism. Sometimes we are just too lazy to follow routines.

Think of this, alarm rings, turn the preset coffee maker on then…

head for the shower, and bless yourself, may this lovely day bring in loads of joy and sweetness in your life. May your beautiful  face shower smiles and shine the world with brightness… wish yourself a very good morning.

Fresh now is maxed; you smell the wafting aroma coffee

Have a great day.

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2 responses to “Pep-up for a new day”

  1. themadscientistskitchen Avatar

    Finally I can see the post. Love it Sharmila

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