International day of the disappeared.

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

International day of the disappeared.

The Salman Khans and Sanjay Dutts are making a mockery of the word imprisonment.  Coming out on Furlough and god knows what. But there are N-number of people languishing in prisons unknown to their kin, or  legal representatives.  The 30th of August of every year is remind the people of these lost people.

Secret imprisonment  and those under uncertain circumstances is a violation of the most conceptions of human rights.  About 30 countries still practise them officially while most countries do so unofficially.

It was created in1981 by the Latin American Federation Associations for relatives of the detained-disappeared which is an NGO. Several international NGO’s are also active against secret imprisonment. The international committee of Red Cross being particularly active, many times they have acted as messengers of these missing people.

The day has been created to support people who have disappeared and their families, and to prevent further such occurrences.

What we could to help

  • Post something on social media to call attention to the disappeared people.
  • Donate to the red cross
  • Create awareness through media, radio, public forum etc.

There are countless people who are missing all over the world, their families and friends suffer their uncertainty and lack closures. The international day of the disappeared is about them, the disappeared and the ones looking for answers.

The disappearance need not be just political there are abductions, forced disappearances, secret imprisonments of non-political origin. There are international bodies like the Amnesty International, international committee of the Red Cross, and other organizations working on this. this is about supporting these organizations.

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