The Burden of LPG

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

The revised price for the LPG cylinder is now Rs.573/- that is from September 1st. 2015. The consumer awareness cell GOACAN has a request that we as responsible citizens request for a computerized bill, when we pay 573/- the commitment is that the cylinder is to deliver to our kitchen. the tip that the delivery man demands is black money.  there is no change in the domestic subsidized refill it is still at 428/- and the balance of 145/- will be credited to our account.

I accept I am one of the people who elected this government. But I do have second thoughts now. In the name of development, we see trees being slaughtered and rivers being disembowelled

The constant hollering on give up your LPG subsidy. I do not see why I should. If there is any truth in the various advertisement, where the actors have epiphany, of how their mothers struggled with fumes of the firewood, well I have no such epiphany, my issue is my mother and many teachers of her generation have cemeticles in their lungs due to inhalation of construction dust, I have given up my greed for a flat.

On one hand the government increases the LPG price and at the same time asks me to give up my subsidy, that essentially means, that my hard work, my hard earned money has no value. the government will only take it back from in one way or the other.

Its not that there are no alternate available, actually opting for biogas, and other methods would be eco-friendly, garbage recycling and of course non-polluting. It would not be harmful either to the person cooking or the environment. The science and technology department has created couple of wonderful models.

The only way out for me is to be  in debt, or to own black money. The irony is the price of petrol drops, when the cars eat into so many of our resources.So what the f**k is this all about.

To know your rights and responsibility as LPG consumers visit

Ensure your domestic cylinder is not diverted for

commercial use by visiting the Transparency Portal

to keep a check on the quota.

thank you GOACAN for the all the information

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