Looking for Quality Entertainment.


do I use my mobile for my media entertainment… which show would I recommend. For me the issue is not Tata Sky it is the content of the serials, shows, I cannot find a single one to recommend!! one is crappier than the other.

Mobile, the Smartphone’s, the androids, and the god knows well they do exist in my world. My mobile until recently was used only for making calls and receiving calls. Somewhere i freed my self from the tyranny of the telecaller by keeping my phone on silent and using SMS, what sap is still a challenge and Hike in my vocabulary is an outdoor walk.

Somewhere I started using the camera and have finally got comfortable with it.

I do record my patient conversations, or rehearsals on it but..would  I use my mobile for media entertainment…

Well before i go into that, media to me pops an image of a petri dish containing sauce like material of various hues. For in my world media meant an organic bed where bacteria could be cultured. In another context it meant the middle coat of the wall of a blood or lymph vessel consisting chiefly of circular muscle fibres. Culture media is no doubt entertaining, but definitely not viewable on my mobile, unless I can manage to convert it to a slide.

That would mean you guys must be referring to—medium of communication. Now I am a recent immigrant to the digital world and a media dinosaurs. I still prefer thumbing through glossy magazines and would like to subscribe to a daily newspaper, but since the delivery boy is erratic I don’t bother. Once upon a time I scheduled my day around criminal minds, or any other crime serial.  Of course I am not too bad I can still name, Arnab Goswami the national news anchor, though i secretly prefer Gitanjali Aiyer or Sumeet Tandon. But I know and acknowledge the scattered around our homes and offices are veritable graveyard of physical media – old tapes, vinyl records floppy disks, and magazines—I don’t know why I store them though i’ll probably never use them again.

Then came the world of television. There is something about the television that makes me feel oppressed… like every house there is a fight for the remote… and I do not figure in the fight. Its the biggest bully who finally decides. That decision is so taken away from my hands that call me a defeatist but I don’t even try. I hate the voice of the Daya creature in Tarak Mehta… Kapil Sharma and his rudeness in guise of comedy annoys me. the reality shows are worse.

There was a time when I did watch “Maha Kumbh ” on hotstar app. On my Laptop. It was quite okay, I had like the storyline the myths used, the apt timing of the serial to create a flutter for the Kumbhmela. I did recommend the serial to my daughters who watched in Hotstar too of course on their Smartphone’s/androids. The advantage of watching while travelling on the Metro or waiting some place of course was there.  it also reduced the war of remotes and feeling of oppression.

Interestingly as knew I could watch this on my laptop without having to fight for the remote, I was calmer and felt more in control. Actually I felt like Nina the pretty ballerina*, at the same time I realized that as a family it would make us more dysfunctional and non communicative.

This blog was written for  http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/

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