Woman today

What does a women today need more equality or empathy.. As fellow human beings.

I do not claim to answer for all women, i can only answer for myself.

All t he same I did ask some women what it was all about it. each one seemed to have a different need.

T here was suriya wo wanted t he money that se invested into a joint back, she felt that there was need for financial independence.

T here are fisher women of curca who wanted to ensure t hat their kids were safe while t hey sold fish, the men would be a sleep, as they would have gone to t he sea in the early hours of t he morning.

T hen there are women w ho work as street cleaners, t hey want a safe place for t he kids too, t heir husbands work in t he fields were t he kids cannot be taken.

It is not about wanting or needing, it is a matter of right. Well who is to give this equality.. or empathy.. have you thought about it? and who instilled t he value in those men? Haven’t the mothers contributed to this belief system?

It annoys me no end, to hear people talk about women as if they are some outer space creatures, some subset, well folks its men and women who make this  community.

Ask the men up north were they have to kidnap girls to get married. Why go up north, the districts of north Kanara and Udupi, will tell you tales of girls refusing to marry men who stay back at home. It is like t he war time in England were the girls were so enamoured te uniformed men, tat they refused to marry the guys who stayed home.

Every man wants to protect women I cannot figure from what though! And women are though that it is right to be protected. Te issue is went e women are told it is your a right to be protected but it would entail you to be imprisoned and you have to pay for it, it is like the hafta that t he goons demand.

Honesty every human has to live his or her life or repent not having done so


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