creating a serene home to invite comfort.

I am listening to my friend’s to client she is detailing her plans for carpets, curtains, she had images of bedspread material she had hung over a chair to see if she could live with it.  i wondered about her partner, and if she had done the same with him/her, drape the person over a chair for a statutory length of time, to see if she could live with him/her.  Looking at her partner, definitely male, she might have noticed that he did not really go with the surrounding she created. Or perhaps she did and knew that he would elegant fade to match.

Nasty thoughts asides, my friend says, homes are healing spaces, and if they do not heal then one needs to really take note of why it does not heal.  Here is sharing what I learnt from her,

Home is our oasis. So efforts have to be made to make it a welcoming sanctuary. An organized and comfortable home gives a clam effect, as well shelter from the chaos and clutter outside that is waiting to attack. According to my friend creating this nurturing space is not really difficult. Small changes according to her go a long way.

The most important thing according to her, is balancing the five senses, she was mentioning how some houses reek of the asafoetida seasoning that was used, while some had smelt of sweat.

Same with decor, some houses were stuffed with clutter, and sometimes ornate antiques are quite irritating too. That I could empathize with, there was a time when I was totally into ethnic chic and wanted to have a house in that format, now suddenly I am more comfortable with clean lines and minimalistic furniture.

Of course being an interior decorator she talks of soft lighting, soothing colours, like blue, purple and green that could make the space warm and inviting.  She was also talking of aromas. This is something that really gets me, to me the disinfectant odour is home. Yet I know for a while when oriflame had lavender night creams, and lavender fabric fragrance I really used to love.

My friend reckoned the sounds like wind chimes, running water cleanses the space too. Well, well, I guess it is time to pull out my flylady manual and start cleaning my act.

Home is the destination, for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; it is time to create homes and not living spaces. The changes we make to our home are as unique as we are and lighting, furniture, fengshui or any ritual just help. It is about setting an intention to make our home comfortable, and nurturing.

Home that allows us to connect with our inner self, the external sactuary allows us axis to the beautiful sanctuary within us , a place of total calm, a connect to stillness, a temple of sacredness, peace, beauty , love and once we find this inner place, your true home, we can be at home anywhere, at anytime with anyone. This is a place where INFINITE possibilities exists.

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