are you from goa proper?

BNLF at Mumbai,

“Hi, I am Bloghead from timbuctoo, I blog as”

Wonderful…  I mumble and flash an insipid polite apology for a smile. The next question now pops up,

“And you are”

“Parwati Singari” I mutter desperately trying to find someone I know, or maybe I can pretend the next train to galaxy incognito has arrived and I need to get on it.

But bloggers and bloggers and are tenacious, most bloggers are true followers of the Hammurabi code, if they share their secret hide out with you, you should share your hideout with them,

“And I blog as” I say very rapid, almost dusting my palms against butt to indicate “buddy I am on the move.”

But like I said before etiquettes are to be followed, and when a blogger gets unmasked there is no stopping him,

“And you are from”

I hold my breath brace myself and say,”Goa.” The responsive fireworks went on for nearly half an hour, great pulsing strobes, fiery dandelions and starbursts of light brightening both the sky and water, oh! I know I went off track he was sharing what he saw on New Year’s Eve at “Goa.”

It was hard to tell which was reality and which was reflection, it was as there were two displays one above the reality he saw, and below the reflection on Mondovi, going on simultaneously worse was him trying to find the balance honestly I did wonder if he was suspended in space-time or in time-space.

This is a standard format most of us here,

“Oh! You are from Goa” yes buddy, I just confessed my dark secret.

“Goa proper” hello what do you mean by Goa proper, I wonder what is Goa improper, I wonder what do they mean by improper.

Maybe a better idea would be to find out what they mean by Goa Proper…

“What is Goa Proper?”

“Beach… I love sleeping on the beach” bloghead now seems a misnomer for blockhead. Can you image sleeping on the beach during the rains, the slush not to mention the garbage and the biological residue of the tourist season.

“Well we live at Bamboli”

“Where is it in Panjim or Madgaon?”

How do you explain that neither it is an independent entity, any way one need not really take the trouble?

“Is vasco near your place…” someone asked?

“How far are you from Dona Paula?”

“Well Dona Paula is about 4kms from our place.” Finally everyone seems to satisfy that I live in “Goa Proper.”

Then was the seventy something neighbour of my brother,

“haa, your brother told me you are from Goa.”

“Yes” holds your breath, do EFT

Goa proper?

Fortunately before I could answer he said, “I went to Goa some thirty years back, you know, to the Mangurishi temple, and old Goa churches,” where do you stay?

I am so tempted to say up the coconut tree tapping toddy.

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