Seeking Peace


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What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.”
― David LevithanLove Is the Higher Law

Starting a new cycle, calling for peace everything is good.

The background story given by Blogadda is excellent, Louis Armstrong’s song, attacks in Paris, fortunately or unfortunately the world trade centre and Bombay attacks are forgotten.

We talk of innocents being slaughtered; we talk about what goes on in a terrorists mind. I shall come to it in a while. I would recommend that you view an Afghanistan movie called,”The Apples From Paradise” it gives an interesting insight to terrorism and suicide bombing.

Yes the families of the dead are victims, but terrorists are creation of our collective consciousness, so what we need to look into is what our collective consciousness is.

There are delinquent social elements who during the world war were the people decorated with bravery awards because they did not really care either for their own lives or the other, it was this cadre that could win the war for allies, but during peace times these disruption in the society.

We as a society are now influenced by humungous megabytes thrown to us by the media. When I say media it includes movies. Since the 70’s we are constantly told that if you do not get what you think you are entitled to it is okay to grab it, the hero who stalks the heroine. the Hero who avenges his father by killing the perpetuator, the small time thief who gets the trophy we don’t talk of crime and consequences, we talk of eye for a eye this is despite the much touted, MKG(Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)’s quote, “an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

We have become audience that justify and glorify violence. These start with the Disney cartoons that our kids view.

What we need to understand is peace is not so much a political mandate as it is a shared state of consciousness that remains elevated and intact only to the degree that those who value it volunteer their existence as living examples of the same… peace ends with unravelling of individual hope and emergence of the will to worship of violence as healer of private and social disease.

It is indeed hard to forget pain, but the tragedy is it is harder to remember sweetness. We have so scar to show for happiness, we learn so little for peace, forget it, we have so little respect for peace.

Think of the Wodeyar kings who accepted the British rule and gave them their tax…like the state gives the central today… they focused their resources, and skills in building colleges, and hospitals, sheshadripuram in Bangalore is named after the Diwan of Mysore who was responsible for building the Bangalore hospital, but they are remembered as insipid sloths, while Tippu, who looted the land and waged a war, is touted as the hero.

Whether someone is a hero or a terrorist depends on whose story we are saying. Everyone is worried about stopping terrorism, well, there’s really an easy way. Stop participating. The number people killed by sanctions in Iraq is greater than the total number of people killed by all weapons of mass destruction in all of history.

You have peace,” the old woman said, “when you make it with yourself.” 
 Mitch AlbomThe Five People You Meet in Heaven

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