The Deluge At Coramandal

chennai floods
chennai floods image courtesy google.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs.
I am haunted by waters.”
― Norman MacleanA River Runs Through It and Other Stories

With the approach of the North-eastern monsoon, is like the annual cyclone season, a low pressure consolidating into a depression and slowly intensified into a deep depression the land interaction, the high vertical wind shear all collaborated to douche the coramandal coast and Chennai became the worst effected rainfalls like 490mm was recorded in 24hrs.The two rivers nourishing Chennai was flooded because the water from the dams were released.

It is quite interesting that the first reaction is thank god I am safe.

The next one was that my family is safe, and then we looked at the extended family.  Phone calls twitter messages and facebook updates, not to mention instagram pictures.

After an accident usually one ensures the safety of the survivors, then ensures that the dead are honoured and we make sure that there is no foul play eventually we get down to the cause of accident then comes the judgement. It should have been the same here, the crisis management, rescue operation then the stock taking and planning the prevention.

Instead our media is busy gathering news bytes I can’t help but wondering, if only those resources that organized to have the media person there had channelized it to provide help I don’t mean old clothes and utensils, but transporting people, providing food, the rescues would have been more effective. There was actually a channel that went gloating that they were the first to get the first hand visuals of the disaster, if only they had used to resource for rescue operations…

I saw some rafters that that Ola symbols on them, I do not know if they were trumped up or if Ola just made lemonade when it was handed Lemon.

We are so busy screaming about the glacier melt, the global warming, but we do not talk of deforestation causing soil silting resulting in raised water levels. We don’t take responsibility for the concrete that we lay that stops the earth from soaking the water the water has no choice but to get hostile.

We don’t accept that we are causing so much of damage to the natural order that disasters are only waiting to take centre stage.

Yet amidst all this people are reaching out to people, and if we really think about it people are like water: much rush past you, as some will over-flood. Some will drown us or force you into their current ways. Come are cold, some are hot springs but we do try to stick to the warm ones. Some come down as raging waves, and cause a ripple, or some are like the calm sea, supporting us, quenching or thirst and flow by our side to where kisses will always stay wet.

Maybe it is time we stopped developing and began really getting civilized in our interaction be it towards Man, animal or Nature.

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