Welcome O-Kenobi

w7xxgIf I had a Star Wars special edition notebook, how would I use to show my fun side.

Well lets first get to know two important things here, one the HP Star Wars special edition Notebook and second my concept of fun.

Let me start with the second first, for unless I figure that out, answering the question would be rather silly. I am back at where I started when the Amway woman asked me for my vision. I mean blank. That did it, I decided to get myself a early Christmas gift something called the dictionary. So that I could look up the meaning of fun. Then of course Merriam-Webster bailed me out. I discover Fun can be noun, adjective or verb. Then there was someone who said fun was this crazy thing where smile, and laugh and are generally pleased. Okay… and embracing our inner lunatic was the sure fire way of having fun.

Then came the huge issue of sorting between having fun and enjoying myself. i figure enjoying myself is effect of the fun, it yet there is something very sedate and still about it. while fun is dynamic, exuberant, it conjures a picture of adrenaline flow and then the lips curl up and eyes sparkle.

As I started taking my visual tour of the HP, I already see in my space, and took my first fun step, I goggled “which Star war character are you” there were humongous quizzes. I find that I am Obi-Wan-Kenobi. (Whew that is a mouthful, so through this writing the HP Star War special notebook will be called O-Kenobi short for Obi-Wan-Kenobi.) Obi-Wan-Kenobi the Jedi Knight who is more than what he seems, a cautious leader whose sage guidance and Zen like calm makes him an excellent teacher. He does not seek conflict, as he relies on communication first. but if a fight comes his way he is ready. Hmm I sound quite sedate don’t I its time to gulp that mischief potion and get naughty.(to know which Star War personality you are

http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/Ukldm8Pi5Ub/Star+Wars+Character .Just look at the screen of the O-Kenobi, the space-age look is just wonderful, the power the dark one is viable when the  notebook opens. The left side icons helping us through, I like the recycle bin.. death star it has a wonderful creative station with the storyboard fecility. That would be interesting to do,

introducing O-Kenobi https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=437&v=mgFPQAyQDc0

hey this would be a great space to create the idea I am toying with…  The angirasas and the agnimainyu’s are plotting to gain the power of the geo-energy the mother of all energies that can create and destroy energy I could really use the storyboard, the sound effects and images from the gallery. That would be fun. Creating my own story board. I wish I could do it right away.  Hey… before you steal my idea let me put it in Aurebesh with O-Kenobi you would not need to go this link to translate http://www.r2d2translator.com/audio/qkva0ecu4q5vsh8fri774ngk55_0.MP3

w7xq1This has been great, I am looking forward to meeting O-Kenobi in physical reality.

#AwakenYourForce This endeavour is for www.hpshopping.in/starwars


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