The Indian National Calender


Dear Global Indian, The articulate is very precise, informative and to a certain extent correct.

I am glad the gentleman took the trouble of sharing his knowledge.

By the way  the reformulated Saka Calendars is officially used, and it is referred to as the Indian national calendar.  The Gazette of India uses this dating long side with Gregorian calendar. News broadcasts by All India Radio, and all government communications use this. – Thanks for reminding me of this, I had totally forgotten this.

Having shared this, the preamble to the Constitution of India, states that the date of adoption of the constitution is  Vikrama Samvat Magrsheersh Shukla Saptami.

No offense meant, but which of the non-Gregorian calendar do you or the gentleman use?

He has diagnosed a syndrome, but what about the therapy… how do we reverse it.. he has not shared the alternate Indian/Hindu calendar. Because that is not one, we have the Vikrama shaka, the Shalivahana shaka then we have the chandramana and sauramana, they all have to compound.

Not that it is a difficult feat, the Udayavani Calendars and the Majestic calendars’ generate the calendar along with the Hijri Era. What is stopping anyone from using either, or cross referring?

If we really want to talk Indian calendar then should probably say, start the year on August 16th of the Gregorian calendar we would be in the year 72II that Independent India. Can we do that? Like the gentleman referred we make the 15th of August and 26th of January or days of commemoration. The national flag our symbol and anthem our prayer.  Are we willing to do it?

Let me suggest a simple exercise that we do in most houses down south. In the prayer room, we write out the samvatsara—ritu—masa—thiti. This is just routine, just like we are multilingual we also relate to multiple time keeping

As an experiment stick to the Hindu/Hijra/Indian calendar diligently for 100 days, and see where the obstacles come up, you can then maybe create an awareness drive.

Thanks for making me sit up and think, the article You shared was a pleasure ,this is how it spanned in my space.



5 Replies to “The Indian National Calender”

  1. Readers should first go and read Global Indian’s post so as to make head or tail of this.Having done this, however this is an interesting post!

    1. 😦 Rationalraj not just go to the Global Indian’s blog but also listen to the hour’s discourse, I feel silly about this blog now but at that moment I just got irritated to be honest Ido not know with what. 😦

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