The Silent Achievers 2015

#spread the wordThis was one of those evening events that I attended because my mother wanted me to. The Manipal Mahila Samaj meeting. Room full of bustling women, noisy kids and garish clothes. Then the secretary came up to read the activity report. There was an interesting story.

About a woman called Sitamma, who went about replanting trees along the roads from where they had been cut. Single handed she had planted about 500 trees and she was still doing so. The only challenge that she faced was the funds because sometimes she had to buy the saplings. The digging and planting she did it won her own.

Sangita Awhale who sold her mangalasutra to build a toilet.

Then there is Sangeetha, in Akola, who sold her mangalsutra because she wanted ensure that there was a toilet in their house, she created a revolution just by doing what she thought was right.

Hansda Shekhar is another person I met during the goa literary and art festival. The man was amazing. He is from the santhal tribe, a doctor, he carves pipers, and he is an author.

Dr.Hansda Shekar author of the book the Adivasi shall not dance.

These three people who really humbled me, I realized have one thing in common. They did not wait for inspiration, motivation, plan of action. They were being who they were they were people who were passionate in their task and their belief. Particularly Hansda and Sitamma, they did all that fulfilled their existence they did not rebel, they voiced their concern and addressed.

With sangeeta she needed to rebel and probably create a certain amount of aggression to achieve what she did but the conviction that she was right was there. of course once accolades came her way, the families do preen about her. quite a few people must have said no to her, and she did believe in herself so hard, I like to think she smiled and told them, “watch me” somewhere she was unstoppable, refusing to give up no matter what. That was the best skill she learnt.

Think about this, the Plan, before the plan there is an idea, before the idea there is a purpose, before the purpose there is the spirit…aching to express itself.  When we are kids, everyone, the world encourages you to follow your dreams, but as we get older somehow they act offended if you even try. God forbid if you succeed.  But it is all about conviction.

what inspires you?

People who lack the clarity, courage or determination to follow their own dream will often find ways to discourage us, but living our truth is important, it is import not to EVER stop. We may place blame, give reasons, and even excuses but in the end it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams.

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