Eulogy to my immediate ancestor.

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I was very disturbed and upset this morning. I did something, which I do unthinkingly. And get very upset if this demand is not met. I called my mother. She as usual sorted it for me. After I was fortified I wondered how she must be replenishing her energy.

Coming to think of it, Parents are like God because we wanna know they’re out there and we want them to think well of us, yet we really only call when we need something. Wander what that makes grandparents…

Its  January 30th, I am back at 8 KMC quarters, all of 6years old, as I look out of the window I see this gentleman striding across the basketball court, it’s no more there it has been replaced by something else. Neither is the man striding across, he has been displaced to a generation of has been. Yet somewhere he lives everything my mother does still has to pass through the bench mark created by him. If we can go beyond its good, but that the goal. Well that day he brought my brother and me our first play scooter.

When I was 13 he taught me to ride the bicycle, and 18 the scooter. I learnt chess, and math from him. Of course I also learnt the disdain for religion. The secret of making a killer masala dosa was another thing I learnt from him, he had learnt it when he worked to at a hotel to pay for his education.

I think he morphed into a Hitler like boogie man when took my secret dream of being a healer and peddled it as his own, putting it into the frame work of conventionality. Somewhere I got a kick when I saw the smile on his face when people address me as doctor.  Slowly I saw the change. The gait went slow; he would never walk without an umbrella, because he did not want to carry a walking stick.

His daily news was now on through TV and not radio, though he did flip through the newspaper and was meticulous in his routine. Like the leaves change colours, people do too. Their hair change colours as they age. His hair from silver grey went to silver-bald, his skin from glowing white wheat to a tired buff wheat.

Something’s I learnt from him is we don’t give up on family, no matter how tempting they make it. It does not matter if they hate you, or embarrass you, or simply don’t appreciate your genius, we do not give up.  My grandpa was man I respected and will respect all my life, that what grandparents all about people that you can love and respect until the end of your life. I cherished him while he was still with us.

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It is quite interesting the one of the lessons he told us, that respecting someone did not mean blind obedience. If you really loved and respected the other you would have the confidence to put forth your thought and then choose to make a decision.

Thanks Grandpa for Navigating my life. The impact you made is great, as a person you are Fantastico.

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