Quest for my Tribe- before internet

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It is almost 15 years since I discovered cyberspace, a wonder world, were I could travel my economic, family, constrains didn’t exist. About 10yrs back I moved in, and now I am a netizen, its great here, we get to live inside where the weather is always awesome.

Before the internet, I did not fit, in other people’s company was dull, gloomy, unwelcome it was a strange situation of being at once bored and boring. I felt like Dr.Ried   socially handicapped, and didn’t know when to stop being a facto-pedia.

In a world before internet the only escape mechanism I had was reading, so I acquired the habit of reading, it was as if I was constructing this refuge for myself from all miseries of life. Besides the alternate universe offered by books, museums were a great place to go. Nobody actually recognized me for what I was doing escaping the only title I received was a nasty, “show off”.

It was wonderful to yank myself from this world, of ridicule, being treated like an unintelligent duffer to a world that once existed, and still did in my imagination. The result despite of pretending to be a fluffy social creature I was a loner. Let me share this one with you, if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you it is not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before and people continue to disappoint them.

Then opened the beautiful Cyberspace, a consensual hallucinating experience, then discovered by few, but experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts…a graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system, unthinkable complexity, lines of light ranged in the no space of the mind, clusters and constellation of data, like city lights, receding.

What would people do with their lives today, I am not focusing on only the young like Kurt Vonnegut does, it is society in general, the most daring thing to do is to create stable communities that is what happens in cyberspace communities are built. These are not about being identical; it is about maintaining our individuality and finding comfort in the overlap.

The cyberland has created communities that transcend geographic boundaries, for me it gave a sense of belonging.

Since 1993 every single day, the media chants that internet is changing our lives. It has become an acceptable belief.

If cyberspace has allowed me to find my community, it has also normalized amateur pornography! There is no other justification for the amount of naked people on the World Wide Web. Quite few of them doing it for non-monetary reasons. 15 years ago it would have unimaginable  … a fat and forty matron, doing the belly dancing and someone out there actually watching it…life was about re-runs of here’s Lucy and Buniyaad.

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Sometimes I wonder if  we refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off facebook and just sit in silence because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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