Doppelganger Week

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Savia Vegas image courtesy Google.

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Last September I was at Mumbai airport, when someone hailed me, I stopped and looked back. A middle aged gentle man walked up to to me and said, ”Hi Savia” this is not the first time. At the Publishing Next conference, a charming lady walks up to me gives me this very I am right or wrong look, and then beams, with the smile of victory, she had a solved a puzzled, ”Hi Savia.”

This happens so very often, that I feel like walking around with a board at every literary meeting that says, ”Not Savia.” Not that I mind being mistaken for Savia, after all she is my alter ego, she is very beautiful both in her appearance and the way she carries herself. I take it as a compliment when someone mistakes me for her. But poor Savia…thankful, I am not that much of a celebrity that people would hail her mistaking her for me. it could be the round face, greying temples and the handloom sarees I don’t know.savia veigas 1

Savia Viegas is a writer, artist and academic living in Carmona Goa. Her novels and exhibitions include Museum Thru Indian Eyes—a photographic exhibition at NCPA sponsored by USEFI held in March 2005. Her debut Novel Tales From The Attic was published in March 2007,in December 2009 her solo exhibition of paintings was held. Her second novel, Let Me Tell You About Quinta was published by Penguin India in 2011. Her illustrated fiction work Abha Nama and Eddi And Diddi was published in November2012. Her second solo show entitled Mementos was exhibited in 2014

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Image courtesy Google.

Bob Patel started this whole thing of the Doppelganger Week, because his friends told him that he looked like Tom Sellick. You can find more about this on FB’s   Doppelganger Week page.

It starts on the first week of February on a Sunday, and ends on Saturday. Essentially it is a internet meme-game where users change their social networking websites change their profile pictures to celebrities, athletes, historic figure or friends with whom they share appearance traits.

Doppelganger is literally double goer in German., it appears both in fiction and folklore, it is portrayed as paranormal phenomenon, or a look-alike, or a double of a living person. In some traditions meeting your doppelganger is a harbinger of bad luck, in other traditions and stories they recognize your double goer as an evil twin.

I first came across this word in an Agatha Christie novel “At The Bertram’s Hotel” it is part of Miss Marple mystery.  Since then the word has fascinated me, but gave me little scope for use in conversation.

“Your “look-alike” may be the result of one of the various possible futures happening simultaneously!”
― Vishwanath S J

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with the TataZica 

Though there is only one day, change your profile picture to someone famous who you have been told you look like. After you have done it, update your profile with your twin or switched at birth photo then cut and paste this to your profile status It could be anyone, a celebrity star, athlete, artist, your friend. To share it on the Facebook Doppelganger Week Page it might require approval by Facebook.

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