footprints on the sand.


what is the “Kasam” I want my husband to take… well none. For promises, are lot like impressions the second one does not really count for much. The moment you make someone promise anything it is the same moment you ask them to lie to you.

Let us assume, that I ask for a promise, and he promises, and yet will not east away the means of breaking his promise. Is it that he distinctly means to break it? not at all, but the desire which tend to break it are at work in him dimly and they make their way into his imagination. And relax his muscles in the very moment he is telling himself over again his reason for the vow.  This could be the other way round, I mean I could make a promise that I do not honour if it is okay for me, it is okay for him.

When we talk of relationships, yes there are promises made… well I would call them commitments, and it is a bad thing to break a promise but I know now that it is worse thing to let a promise break you.

When I do not take time out on international men’s day or Movember to run a perform appraisal of my efficiency as wife, or rather Mr.D does not hand me a not delivered feedback form, I don’t see why I should do it. May be the times I see single set of footprints on the sand they belong to Mr.D for he was carrying me… I do not know, so I cannot judge until I have walked in his shoes.

When it comes to a Hindu ritual wedding, the bottom line is that the groom promises the Bride’s father, and not the bride … after which he invites the bride to be his partner in

Ishe ekaopada bhava saama manuvraataabhava—with the first step I invite you to be my partner in love, more aptly in divine connect.

Urje dwipada – the second step is to share energies.

Rayasposhe tripada – the third step is for us to create abundance.

Mayobhyochatushpada – for fourth step we share the joys of life.

Prajabhaya panchapada – for the children we may have, and for whose children we are, that is family responsibility

Ritubhya shadpada –  with the sixth step we experience the  seasons of life, that is we grow older together.

Sakha saptapadhi – with the seventh step we become companions, and friends

Mind you beacons of Hindutva nowhere are sons mentioned its the priests who put these fillers in.  still at the end of the day I do wonder if it is time we added a eighth vow in the marriage promising that we shall spend time with our husband or wife more than with social networking sites.

forgottenAs for #Sadasexy I would say, Mr.D ashtapadjeevanganayatitebhavasamamanuvrtobhava.

That is with the eight step let us take stock of our life. Have I brought the nourishing female energy to the relationship and have you brought the male energy that protects and provide.— have we both been our authentic self in the partnership?—Have we both contributed our best to the partnership?–Bhava sama manovrtobhava.

Do excuse me for not sharing Sadasexy’s picture he is kind of media shy.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda







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    Aruna Harshavardhana

    Good one

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    good read!

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