On Murthal

Reblogged this, it makes me angry, and I am guilty of this too, we want to keep up pretenses, why did the women keep quite? We are as much citizens and some woman is responsible for the birth and bringing up of the monsters who raped these women, Why don’t we a nation question, interrogate the elected member of our constitution for not delivering, why is that we do not have a janta ki adalat in our constitution asking the elected representiative why did he allow the wastage of our time and resources. He after all represents us at the parliament. The answer is we don’t want responsibility, we don’t know how to tackle it, we are happy in our apathy.

The Woman Inc.

by Meha Khanduri

This article nearly never got written because as I start to write on the issue I start seeing red. When India was raptly watching students of a prestigious university go through a long drama of whether slogan shouting students had committed sedition or not…rampaging mobs were burning, looting, and ransacking the cities of Haryana, right next door to the capital Delhi. Nobody was really outraged, no resignations were called for, no charges of sedition were made and after nearly two days of looting and burning worth 34000 crores, the government cordially accepted the demands of the rampaging mobs and the burning and looting came to an end.  An amicable solution all around..except for criminality and couple of thousand crores of national property but …..this is India!

Four days later some ghost stories started floating around. The whispers said that not only Haryana’s cities had been burnt and…

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