Out bound camp at Kolad

camp empower (2)
Welcoming us.

EKAA announced its outbound camp I was hesitant simply because it been ages since I did anything outbound. It is almost as if I had entered a Zanana. The purpose of the camp was to ensure that we were grounded, and we could face our own body’s message to us.

Since the decision to go was last minute the rush of bookings were all done. And I packed, like I said before , I over packed and packed it all wrong. To be on the safe side I am sharing a helpful link which can help you create your own ideal list. http://www.outboundfamily.com/content/how-pack-camping-trip

four hours from Mumbai on the Mumbai Goa highway.  The camp is run by retired Col.Naval Kohli and his cousin is about 10yrs.

camp empower (1)
Morning Stretches.

The camp nestles between the mountain and the sea, and is totally created along army training grounds.

It was twenty women in a dorm, with very basic facilities but convenient and clean, though the bed sheets could do with a little less starch powder. The toilets were clean and hot water was available on request. It was back to the hostel environment twenty of us in a dormitory.

The morning began with tea under the banyan tree, instead of the usual tea at the balcony.

camp empower (3)
Simulated Rustic decor

The morning stretches followed that it was quite amusing at that moment we were self conscious at the childishness of it all, interestingly the whole day we were chanting the rhyme and in the pretext of miming the action we were stretching and exercising there was something so spontaneous and energizing about the whole thing.

Then came the key punch where we tested out our power of observations and coordination. We had to face our inability to come out of our comfort zone. the next activity was aimed at just that breaking our comfort zone.

We built a raft, and crossed the river picked up the flag and came right back. It was quite an experience. It helped us strategize, work as a team and risk management to a certain extent. We were given about 150 – 220 minutes to achieve it all.  we were of course supervised by experts.

camp empower (4)
our Dorm.

I am actually planning a family retreat out there if they do take in families the hall of participants only displayed corporate campers.

Col.Kohli spoke of kid’s camp where kids connected with the earth doing gardening rafting, swimming and other outbound activities. Collages made of artefacts collected on the terrain.


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