OK-ate Dé-bacles

The Dé-ly story


this bit made a lot of stink. Well when I first read it, my response what does it matter what Kate Middleton wore or did not wear, its her wardrobe and her image. Actually I do applaud her for not trying on the Himachali cap at Simla routine our politicians dole out. While Shobha Dé is neither Kate Middleton’ reflection in the mirror, nor relevant in personal or family space.

It was equally impressive to read a response from a nineteen year old http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/this-19-year-old-has-a-befitting-response-for-shobhaa-des-sexist-remark-against-kate-middleton/1/652111.html the kid has her fundas right and she is pretty articulate. I loved her and have applauded her. Something which I didn’t for Shoba Dé

The child had dignity, and did not get mean. She let it go at the right point.

Yet we are now over doing this whole thing, we are giving too much of importance to Shobha Dé who is senior individual she is entitled to her opinion and our constitution allows her to voice it. we have the choice to read it and give just as much as attention we think it deserves. Of course I like reading Shobha Dé acidic writing and I do wish I could do the same.

As far as Kate Middleton, goes she is the daughter-in-law of a dying monarchy that has plundered us, and we really need to bother with her too much.

After all this is a country where more than half the population is underdressed,because they cannot afford it, and a miniscule fraction, dorns miniscule clothes because they can more than afford it, whoever we are we do not let the half naked fakir rest in peace, so why are we debating over overdressed debacles?

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