The Belly Contemplations.

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When we were at medical college the standard joke was that guys will not ask for directions. It is a biological thing, which is why it takes several million sperm cells to locate a female egg, the egg is relative to them the size of whatever town.

the journey of a pregnant mother is dotted with so many new experiences, you will have every ad-man worth his salt telling you about being pampered, taken care of, connecting to your spouse on a whole new level. then comes the ad-man’s advice about making use that her unborn child grows in the perfect environment.

well the body does undergo a whole lot of change, some amazing, some frustrating. For me all that I could think of was, getting my body to myself, yet after delivery I felt for a while that a large part of me was somehow external, subject to all sorts of dangers and disappearances, so I had to think up of ways to keep it close enough for comfort for the rest of my life.

the belly contemplations, were the worst, I could not see my feet,

fortunately we are not very big on childbirth classes in India… at least we weren’t back then.  Imagine a roomful of couples maybe 15 of them, all 6-8 months pregnant. And as an icebreaker the trainer asks

“name your favourite body part.”

I would probably say,”belly ”then despite the fact that I hated the nausea. Mr.D hated the nausea part too, but he was quite fascinated by the belly too.

From what I here from my colleagues in the OBG section, people are rather embaressed to accept that there is a belly where a direct effect of their beneath belly activity reflected..(excuse my crass way of putting it.) any way reflecting on the belly… it is kind of a natural wonder, an unmistakable sign of whats goingin on inside, the wigwam, for our little squirmer, the mark of my undeniable superpower of baby making, I loved my belly, with its freaking awesomeness, the flutters, the kicks, the bumps that were all transmitted from within.

I often marvel at the amazing uterus within, and the skin without with their unceasing ability to stretch.  Despite my admiration for the belly I fear it. sometimes I wonder if I should build a shrine to it, light some incese offer up gifts in an attempt to honour it and avoid its wrath. It does seem like a mythic monstrosity, that had NEEDS and DEMANDS. It will not be taken lightly. ..of course there is nothing light about it…

I have to give it its own throne, by lying sideways, atop a cushion, the belly seems to be its own creature, following different laws of growth and gravity.  No its not a cute belly, not benovalent, it could have tea with Fin Fang Foom, I could shake hands with god knows who, its no wonder I’m so restless at night, imagine sleeping with an eye open. Having said they I honour you, my belly and the work you did to protect and grow my lovely daughters within. They must be even more powerful than you, to keep yo enslaved to their needs. It is quite clear that out of all of us, I’m certainly not the one in control, I am here to do your bidding, the picaphagia, the belly, and babies I am but a humble servantbio oil.

The first pregnancy is one long sea journey, to a country where the language is not know, the is not sighted for a long time, then one day birds wheel over that dark shape and its suddenly close and all you can do is hope like hell that you have had the right shots.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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