Sunset at Dona Paula

Dona Paula,

The iconic destination at Goa.  I prefer going there in the morning when there is no influx of tourists, touts or tiresome stall owners.

dona paula (3)
Odxel View

But my daughter had her college friends over from outside state and of course Dona Paula for the tourist is in the evening.

dona paula (4)
Vasco View

The romantic folklore goes on from a lovelorn Dona Paula who turned to stone waiting for her love to many more. But historically the place is a dedication to Paula Amral Antonio de Souto Major, the daughter of the Portuguese viceroy of Jaffnapatnam in SriLankan. She was married to Dom Antonio Souto Major, which was an affluent family. She was a woman of charity and did a lot for the villagers, when she died on Dec.16th 1682 the villagers renamed the village of Oddavell in her honour.

dona paula (7)
When the Wind meets up with Zuari-Mandovi and the Sea

There is myth of Dona Paula who is entombed in the Cabo Chapel at the Governor’s chapel emerges from the moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace, this seem to entice lot of tourists.

dona paula (5)
The iconic Dona Paula

Currently for the domestic tourist, Dona Paula is the place where Ek Dujekeliye, and Singham were shot. In addition to be a part of the Bollywood travel sites of Goa, Dona Paul is a p;lace where migratory Dolphins can be sighted. Dona Paula also offers water sports like boating and water scooter riding.

garabage– gifts from the tourists





5 responses to “Sunset at Dona Paula”

  1. Archie Avatar

    Aha am hearing this name after so long! 🙂 don’t remember the last time when I was there, perhaps over 6 – 7 years back 🙂 nostalgia strikes!

  2. Atulmaharaj Avatar

    I so miss this place, I remember traveling to Panaji from my house in Madgaon every weekends… Thanks for sharing the post 🙂

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      Atul a Goenkar in Hyderabad I should met you when I come to drop my daughter.

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